• Full Member in good standing
  • Elected and confirmed by a simple majority of voting Full Members
  • Stated commitment to the preservation and growth of CoC


  • Act as liaisons between CoC and OBOD office
  • Provide final arbitration of any dispute arising regarding CoC group matters
  • Assign an individual to act as treasurer (this is not an elected role, but is determined by trustworthiness and experience with accounting)
  • Provide support and resources for any Members or Guests in spiritual crisis
  • Coordinate to assure that at least two Council members are present at every public and private ritual
  • Approve requests for Full and Seedling Memberships
  • Maintain Membership roster
  • Scheduling and facilitation of CoC meetings, either directly or through the appointment of a Quarterly Steward
  • Securing ritual spaces and permits, either directly or through the appointment of a Quarterly Steward
  • Facilitate Bardic, Ovate, and Druid grade initiations, as requested
  • Facilitate CoC membership initiations

 Terms of service

  • The Council of Three will serve together for one full year
  • Elections will take place approximately one year from the inauguration of the Council
  • One or more Council members may be re-elected on a yearly basis, without limitation
  • An elected individual may decline to serve as a Council member prior to inauguration
  • If a Council member must leave office before the end of his/her term due to unforeseen circumstances, the remaining Council members will appoint an interim Council member (with full rights and responsibilities) to serve until the next election.
  • Council members voluntarily donate their time and efforts and do not receive monetary compensation for their service.