Those who feel their path aligns with the Circle of Coll and are interested in membership, here are the steps in the application process. The steps are designed to allow both the applicant and the Circle of Coll members to get to know one another before any final decision of membership.

Steps of the Application Process.

  1. Ask to join CoC. Select the contact page on this website, and let us know you are interested.
  2. Meet with the Membership Coordinator. This is an opportunity to ask questions and begin getting a sense of the CoC. If the Applicant wishes to proceed, a CoC member will be assigned to them as a Member Sponsor.
  3. Meet with Member Sponsor. The Applicant and Member Sponsor will determine a plan for completing the CoC membership requirements. The Member Sponsor is responsible for cultivating a relationship with the applicant and should assist the applicant in getting to know the Circle’s members and activities better.
  4. Complete all membership requirements.
    1. Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) membership, to be verified through quoting specified Bardic Gwers; and confirmation of membership with OBOD.
    2. Attendance of at least three (3) CoC rituals. Applicants are also encouraged to attend other CoC events to better get to know CoC members.
    3. Attendance of one (1) CoC regular or CoC annual meeting.
    4. Submission of a written statement to the Member Sponsor answering the following questions:
      1. What strengths and needs will the applicant bring to the circle?
      2. How will the applicant add value to the circle without disruption, or division within the circle?

      The statement will be shared with the Circle of Coll Membership Coordinator by the Member Sponsor before admitting the Applicant as a Member.

  5. Member Sponsor makes a recommendation to the Membership Coordinator. The Sponsor will report how the applicant and Sponsor’s relationship of Druidry has developed over the course of Sponsorship.
  6. Final affirmation of CoC membership. The Member Sponsor will ask the Applicant if they still wish to become a Member of the CoC.
  7. Membership status is contingent upon no standing objections from current members.  The CoC members are notified of the Applicant and is e-introduced to the Circle of Coll by the member sponsor.
  8. The Applicant becomes a Member of the CoC.