Last year, in 2011, several of us from the Circle were fortunate enough to attend the OBOD Summer Gathering for Summer Solstice in Glastonbury. We attended a (rather rainy) ceremony for the Longest Day, within Stonehenge, participating in a special ritual written for the occasion. In this rite, we were asked to reflect upon the following:

May the light of the inner sun shine on our path. May the sun that is the source of all life bless us, our families, people and land. Let light flow from this place and time to every radiant, hoping heart, and to all the lands and peoples of the earth, her lakes and seas, her mountains and her caves; her deserts and her forests. May all beings on earth be strengthened by this light. We give thanks to the sun for its blessings of light and of life.

As you anticipate summer and the coming of the Longest Day, for what do you give thanks to the sun this year? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know!
Blessings all…