Favorite Books of the Circle of Coll (w/ISBN numbers)


Title Author ISBN
The Book of Druidry Ross Nichols 0785824952
Druid Magic Maya Magee Sutton, PhD
Nicholas R. Mann
The Druids Stuart Piggott 0500273634
The World of the Druids Miranda J. Green 0500285713
The Druids,
Magicians of the West
Ward Rutherford 085030346X
The Druidry Handbook John Michael Greer 1578633540
The Rebirth of Druidry;
Ancient Wisdom for Today
Philip Carr-Gomm 0007156650
The Druid Tradition Philip Carr-Gomm 1862040311
Journey of the Bard Yvonne Owens 0969606621
Druid Mysteries Philip Carr-Gomm 9780712661102
The Path of Druidry Penny Billington 9780738723464
The Druid Isle Elen Evert Hopman 9780738719566


Title Author ISBN
The Sidhe John Matthews 0936878053
Taliesin John Matthews 0892818697
The Mabinogion Translated by:
Lady Charlotte E. Guest
Year of Moons,
Seasons of Trees
Pattalee Glass-Koentop 0875422691
Celtic Myth and Magic Edain McCoy 1567186610
Glamoury Steve Blamires 1567180698
The White Goddess;
A Historical Grammar
of Poetic Myth
Robert Graves 0374504938

Herbalism and Nature

Title Author ISBN
Celtic Plant Magic Jon G. Hughs 9780892819249
Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Scott Cunningham 0875421229
The New Age Herbalist ed. by Richard Mabey w/
M. McIntyre,
P. Michael,
G. Duff,
J. Stevens
A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year Ellen Evert Hopman 0892815019
A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine Ellen Evert Hopman 9781594772306
Restoring the Earth/Healing the Mind
ed. by T. Roszak,
M. E. Gomes
A. D. Kramer
The Healing Power of Celtic Plants Angela Paine 1095147622
Healing Threads:
Traditional Medicines of the Highlands and Islands
Mary Beith 1841582778
Tree Wisdom Jacqueline Memory Paterson 0722534086
Herbal Rituals:
Recipes for Everyday Living
Judith Berger 9780312243012


Title Author ISBN
Ogam: How to Read, Create and Shape Your Destiny Through the Celtic Oracle Paul Rhys Mountfort 9780712611411
The Wild Wood Tarot Mark Ryan
John Matthews
The Druid Animal Oracle Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm 0671503006
The Druid Plant Oracle Oracle Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm 0312369778
The Green Man Tree Oracle John Matthews
Will Worthington