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Peaceful 🍃

Hello! Moss Magill suggested that I join the group and post here.
I'm a Bard with OBOD from up near Lynden. I will be driving down the coast in July and was hoping perhaps to meet up with some OBOD members on my travels.
In a perfect world I would actually be able to meet up with a group and be initiated into the order. (I understand some Seed Groups offer this).
I will be in Seattle July 11th and 17/18th.
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Beltane with the Circle of Coll

May 8, 2017, 7:30pm - May 9, 2017, 12:00am

Come join the Circle of Coll for the ritual and celebration of Beltane. Beltane is a celebration of the return of life, beautiful flowers and vibrant grow throughout the world. This is an opportunity to connect with the Spirit of Beltane and continue the journey throughout time and a day of Druids. With the blessings of Beltane /|\ Our Beltane rite will be held at Ronald Bog Park by the located in Shoreline. As is our tradition, there will be a feast and Eisteddfodd (sharing of story, poetry, and music) following the rite, so please bring a healthy snack to share and a bit of music or of the written word. We look forward to seeing you! /|\ Ronald Bog Park is very easy to get to and very accessible by bus. There is also parking. Here is how to get there: By bus: Take the 346 from Northgate park-n-ride and ride north to the Shoreline area; or from the Aurora Village Transit Center and ride south. Get off at Meridian Ave N and N 175th St, walk east on the south side of N 175th St towards Ronald Bog Park. You’ll find us along the water’s edge near the trees. By car: Drive North on I-5 to the N. 175th Street exit, drive west and the park is to the left; and driving South on I-5 to the N. 175th Street exit, turn right, then a quick left and you’ll be at the park. If you would like more information about the Circle of Coll, please visit our web site . Please feel free visit the Circle of Coll Facebook group at: .

As soon as we drove away my son asked if we could always go where the Druids are when they meet, and wants to be one.

Thank you, he loved it, I enjoyed it alot too, the little one also. Sorry we left early, but the 4 year old was deteriorating to bedtime.

Anyway, here's my hobbyist page, and the post showing my daughter and I making the ormus that we passed out tonight

Be well.
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Making "potions" with daddy. Easy "ormus" mineral supplement recipe.