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Hello and thank you for the group add. I live in Portland and just wanted to reach out to your group. We're an OBOD group called Cascadia Sunstone, we have 16 members, mostly in the Bardic grade. We're currently a seed group but on our way to be coming a grove, I was just initiated into the Druid grade at ECG. When I was at the East Coast Gathering it was fantastic to connect with so many others and it inspired me to reach out to your group. It would be great to see if we could connect at some point for rituals or initiations 🙂 I emailed Moss earlier this week and he recommended that I put in a request to join your page. Thank you again for the add! ... See MoreSee Less

Are the monthly Druid Social Meetups still happening? I haven't received a notification about one in many months, and frankly I forgot that they were even a thing until realizing it just now. ... See MoreSee Less

I've never seen a five pointed star growing in a tree trunk before. Check out this old growth stump I encountered in the forest yesterday: ... See MoreSee Less

... See MoreSee Less