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Question: I understand the importance and benefits of storytelling. However, what constitutes as storytelling? Is it only spoken or written? Could storytelling be art? Or music? ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone want to meet up in Tacoma sometime on Friday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.? ... See MoreSee Less

Hi Friends - I'm helping to coordinate an event in the Seattle area for early March. If you happen to follow the writings of Robin Artisson you may recognize this. It is a 2 day/3 night workshop on spiritual ecology and provenance traditionalism (some would call this traditional witchcraft). I've been inspired by Robin's writings - particularly by those on spiritual ecology - and having spent many years on the Druid path (OBOD, Celtic Irish, etc.) even those of Druid paths would find great value in many of the practices and insights in the workshop. Details can be found here:
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Hey everyone. I was just going through my Gwersi and Rituals and I noticed that Samhein and Lughnassada are missing. Can I copy someone's or should I order a new booklet from the Order? ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone living near Tacoma and want to meet up Saturday for a walk or tea \ coffee? ... See MoreSee Less